My name is sebastian,

I am a security-focused software engineer with experience managing a range of technology solutions. I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in May 2020, and have continued working on security-focused systems since. Currently I work in Identity and Access Management through Painless Security, helping maintain the national level infrastructure behind eduroam, which is used at universities and research institutions across the globe. 

On the weekends, catch me tearing up the streets of Boston on my Electric Unicycle! I am a founding member and administrator for the Boston Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) Collective, where I help organize rides around the city and assist new and prospective riders to navigate the world of micro-mobility. I also work with the GRAPEVINE Coalition to advocate with local government to ensure equitable access for commuters and recreational riders alike to public infrastructure. Feel free to contact me to learn more!